Friday, March 14, 2008

Stuck In My Room

I am not sure what my problem is but when ever the cleaning lady(Jane) comes over I always hide in my bedroom upstairs with the dogs. Its not that she is mean in fact she is quite nice. The dogs need to be kept away from her because they can mess at about the same speed she cleans. When they are together it becomes this weird stalemate. A few hundred hairs fall off their bodies Jane breaks out the vacuum. Dirty paws scramble across the hard wood floors out comes the mop. You get the picture. I could just leave them locked in their crates and go watch some tv but it seems wrong, when a relative stranger is cleaning last nights marinara sauce spill at the stove. So here I sit waiting for the sounds of cleaning to end so I with the pooches can go nose around the down stairs and do what we do best.


Inder-ific said...

I can verify the reality of this phenomena, but I would add that Steve himself can mess at almost the same rate as Jane (or I) can clean. Sections of the newspaper fly out of his hands at about the same rate that I can pick them up, etc. And you'd have to work at the speed of light to keep up with his marinara splashing.

dre_ah said...

What about takin the puppies for a walk?