Sunday, April 20, 2008

One of those days

It was one of those days today. Not sure if it was the unseasonably cold weather or something was just stuck in my craw. I was going to be miserable to be around today. With no gumption to be productive I decided to take my annoyance out on my dog Omie. Since she is often the cause of my grief, today I would be the cause of hers.

As you can plainly see, she is an easy target when she sleeps.

With the shovel so close I could have easily buried her body after a well placed shot to the back of her head with said shovel. Alas my moral self took over and I merely sprayed her with the hose and sent her scurrying into the house for cover.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Birds and the Bees

If you are looking for a sordid story of an anatomy lesson, you will soon be disappointed. Today while shoving a load of laundry into the drier, I heard an ominous buzzz floating through the back screen door. I did a double take with my ears and imagined an enormous wasp landing on the roof. Curious to find out if all the years of loud music had finally caught up with me, I went outside to investigate.
Standing on the back porch I saw a few thousand bees zig zagging across the backyard. I went a little closer but then a couple of the bees flew into my hair and got caught, so I retreated to a safer distance. After about ten to fifteen minutes the bees settled down on my neighbor's plum tree. The sight was pretty amazing a massive pulsing blob of wings, eyes and stingers. Eventually the weight of the bees broke the branch they had perched on and they lay on the ground for a while until they decided to swarm a couple of doors down to settle in a big red wood.
I must admit during all the confusion I almost drove to Orinda to buy a bee box and a bee keeping suit in order to tame the wild storm. Think of all the free honey not to mention the stinging welts. Oh well maybe next time.